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Ambulatory Surgery Center and Regulatory Services

Medical Management Associates provides ASC and Regulatory services

MMA's regulatory services, related to the development of an ambulatory surgery center ("ASC"), provide our clients with the expertise to navigate the complex regulatory requirements necessary to obtain certificate of need ("CON") approval, state licensure and Medicare certification. CON approval or an exemption is typically required prior to obtaining licensure, Medicare certification and accreditation. Forty-three states require state licensure for ASCs. Many states require accreditation for office-based surgery suites. They, also, specify the criteria that ASCs must meet for licensure.

The regulatory services provided by MMA include:

  • Preparation of required documentation to obtain approval under state certificate of need regulations or obtain an exemption, as applicable.
  • Preparation of all policy and procedure manuals for the ASC to ensure compliance with the highest level of standards based on accreditation, licensure and/or Medicare certification.
  • Preparation of all application materials related to accreditation, state licensure and Medicare certification.
  • Coordination and scheduling of the surveys including participation and follow-up, as necessary.
  • Preparation of governance materials, as required to meet the appropriate standards, including medical staff by-laws, etc.

Other services related to the development of an ASC may include:

  • Assessment of the financial feasibility and preparation of loan request package for presentation for financing.
  • Recommendations pertaining to the appropriate organizational structure
  • Programming of space to include required elements, i.e., clean and soiled areas, etc.
  • Preparation of schematic design of the interior space. - See Facility Design
  • Operational Management services including business systems, third party reimbursement, managed care contracting, etc.
  • Equipment planning including line item budget, equipment specifications, coordination with equipment vendors, etc.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Portfolio


  • Houston Lake Surgery Center


  • Albany Gastroenterology, P.C.
  • Gastroenterology Endoscopy Center, Inc.
  • Gwinnett Endoscopy Services, LLC
  • Metro Atlanta Endoscopy, LLC
  • Summit Endoscopy Center
  • Southern Crescent Endoscopy Suite, P.C.
  • Gainesville Endoscopy Center, LLC
  • Westside Endoscopy Center, P.C.
  • Gastroenterology Specialists of Gwinnett, P.C.
  • Bay Area Endoscopy Center, P.A.
  • Endoscopy Consultants, LLC
  • Endoscopy Center of Middle Georgia, LLC
  • West Georgia Gastroenterology Associates, P.C.
  • Atlanta South Endoscopy Center, LLC
  • Northeast Endoscopy Center, LLC
  • Gastrointestinal Specialists, P.C.


  • Northwest Georgia ENT Surgery Center
  • ENT Center of Central Georgia, P.C.
  • ENT Surgery Center of Atlanta, LLC


  • Eyesight Laser & Surgery Center
  • North Georgia Eye Clinic, P.C.
  • Gainesville Eye Center, LLC


  • The Pain Clinic of AIMR, P.C.
  • Macon Pain Center, P.C.
  • Non-Surgical Orthopedics & Spine Center
  • Lakeside Pain Center, P.C.
  • Georgia Pain Spine Center, LLC (two locations)
  • Pain Care Center of Georgia. LLC
  • Lanier Interventional Pain Center
  • Georgia Pain Management Center, LLC

Plastic Surgery

  • Renaissance Surgical Centre, LLC
  • West Georgia Center for Plastic Surgery, LLC
  • The Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, P.C.
  • Atlanta Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, LLC


  • Associate Physicians Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Foot and Ankle Center of Northeast Georgia, P.C.
  • The Surgery Center of Blue Valley, Inc.
  • Northside Surgery Center, Inc.
  • Universal Ambulatory Surgery Center


  • Georgia Lithotripsy & Laser Center

Vascular Access

  • Southeast Renal Associates, P.A.
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