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History of MMA

After teaching health systems at Georgia Tech and working in healthcare consulting for five years, Charlie Thomason founded MMA in 1982 . He saw a need for providing unique services to physicians in private practice. Donna Schmid, administrative assistant at the prior firm, joined him as office manager. Gerry Mathews, a former student and co-worker, followed shortly thereafter.

In 1986, Russ Still joined the firm. Russ was managing five Humana MedFirsts in the area. One of Russ's managers had gone to work for one of Charlie's clients, and he insisted that they meet.

In 1987, Terry Knight joined the firm. Terry had also been Charlie's student and had worked for him at his urgent care center in Gwinnett.

Pete Lyle joined MMA in 1988 as a recent graduate of Georgia Tech. Pete left the firm in 1990 to test other pastures for a couple of years (a decision we will never let him forget), but he realized his error and returned to MMA in 1992.

Larry Geller joined shortly after Pete's return in 1992, and the core of MMA was established.

The firm's 24 professionals have been with the company an average of over 18 years.

MMA has developed into one of the premier healthcare consulting firms in the country, serving private practice physicians, hospital and healthcare systems. While the scope of services has broadened and the issues have become more complex, MMA maintains its core values combining in-depth understanding of the problems and opportunities within the health care system with technical expertise to provide specialized, comprehensive management resources for physicians in private practice and for related healthcare organizations.

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