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Association Management

MMA develops and manages physician owned, Independent Physician Associations ("IPAs") and Management Service Organizations ("MSOs"). We provide strategic planning, educational services to members, managed care contracting, financial management, utilization management/quality improvement services, development of clinical protocols/treatment guidelines, analysis of clinical outcomes, group purchasing and overall administration of networks.

Since 1992, we have developed single specialty networks for the specialties of surgery (general, colo-rectal, plastic and vascular), otolaryngology, obstetrics and gynecology and nephrology. We also provide administrative and educational services to multi-specialty physician networks and their associated practice managers in Georgia and North Carolina, and facilitate messenger model contracting with managed care plans for those organizations.

Our physician networks contract with us to serve as their business administrator. MMA is responsible for the following areas:

  • Organization, marketing, member communications, newsletters, and general network administration
  • Financial management in coordination with the governing committees, banks and accountants
  • Development and maintenance of network physician databases
  • Risk management programs
  • Coordination of member requests for network membership, and renewals
  • Provide planning and administrative support for meetings of the governing and clinical committees
  • Planning and onsite management of annual CME programs for clinicians, or strategic planning retreats
  • Quarterly practice manager seminars
  • Provider relations and contracting
  • Creation, registration and maintenance of network websites
  • Contract administration
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